Earn on Cryptos for free!

Profit guaranteed! You don't need experience to earn on cryptocurrencies. Profit is ensured by our algorithms connected with 13 Markets around the world!

How to start

You no longer have to hang out on the stock market for hours to check the highs and lows of charts. Let our algorithms do it for you!

Create account

By creating an account, you get access to 7 leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Start investing

Choose your investment plan and start investing your shares. From now on, the algorithm will trade on the Market with your funds.

Premium account

For professionals, we have a premium plan that gives you the right to an additional 43 cryptocurrencies and other Markets!

Start investing!

Creating an account is free and it will take you no more than 15 seconds. Use our algorithms absolutely free and enjoy professional trading!

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Invite your friends and get a prize!

Visit the My Friends tab and invite your friends to trade together!

Copy your individual URL and send it to your friends. From now on, you'll receive 25% on every top-up! Also, you'll get 15% on every top-up of a user your friend recommends.

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Do you want more? Got it with a premium!

By purchasing premium account, you get many facilities and privileges! Upon activation, as many as 43 additional pairs of cryptocurrencies will be unlocked, you also get access to current operations on the Market, and your statistics are refreshed every 15 minutes. Premium account also gives you the levers option and risk level switch.

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Easy access from anywhere

Log in from anywhere on Earth, from any device - even from a phone!

You decide - what to invest

You can choose from 7 cryptocurrencies in the basic account and 50 in the premium account!

Manage everything from one place

An easy-to-use, automated panel gives you maximum control over trading on the stock market.

Frequently asked questions

Every day we try to improve our system, so do not hesitate to send us your comments or questions - we will answer to everyone!

Can I choose a market for a given cryptocurrency?

No, the market is selected automatically depending on the signal with the best offer and on the signal about the decrease / increase of a given price.

Will you add more cryptocurrencies for non-premium accounts?

Yes, in the future, we plan to increase the cryptocurrency resource in the basic plan as well as in the premium. At the moment, there are 7 cryptocurrencies in the basic and additional 43 in the premium plan.

What means 'increases risk' on the stock market?

The Increase Risk switch results in more aggressive trades and more frequent operations on the market. There is a possibility of losses, but it can also give you higher profits depending on the situation. This option is only available for premium accounts.

Do you support leverage?

Yes, the levers are available in the premium package. Read the description of the premium plan and learn about all the benefits of this solution.